Kitchen Cabinets
Throughout Central Maine

Hazelton Woodworks Offers Stylish and Durable Kitchen Cabinets

When you need kitchen cabinets throughout Central Maine, look no further than Hazelton Woodworks. We have been supplying the homes of Central Maine, with stunning kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities since 1997.

We are on a mission to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship and striking custom features for your kitchen. Our photo gallery is just a snapshot of the hardware projects we can do. To start planning, call our team at (207) 399-8881, or contact us online.

Purchase Kitchen Cabinets for Your Central Maine Home

The kitchen is the heart of your Central Maine home. It is where we share stories about our day and make future plans. Does it deserve the best custom cabinetry that you can afford? From our premium hardware to extensive experience, trust Hazelton Woodworks to give you the best service at all times. We are with you every step of the way, from choosing your panel styles to selecting color and finish options.

Check Out Custom Features
with Kitchen Cabinets

With 35 years of experience in custom kitchen cabinets and vanities, we know exactly what our customers want. They want choice, exceptional workmanship, and designs that make life easier and better. From sink front trays and pull-out dividers to lazy Susans and pull-out trash containers, our cabinetry knows no bounds. Take a look at our gallery for inspiration on some of the custom features we have to offer.

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We select the highest quality hardware for our custom cabinets and vanities. From helping make the most of your available space to equipping your kitchen, we do it all. We can also deliver and install your new cabinets to the highest possible standard. Call the team here at Hazelton Woodworks today and discover what a difference we can make to your kitchen.

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